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Buy 5 item Get 30% OFF! Use Code COZZY30

Our Product Journey

Designing the most comfortable bras on the market is a process. Every Cozzytrend bra goes on a journey to become the best version of itself. Each step is guided by the feedback we receive from real women. All our products are designedsampled, and tested to fit every size that we carry.  

Collaborative Design

90% listening, 10% doing.

Our design process starts with our goal in mind: to provide comfortable, flattering bras that meets the needs of every woman. To achieve this, we invited over 100 women to our Vancouver studio to try on our products in development and give us their thoughts. In each session, we ask a series of questions such as “which bras would you actually wear?”, “what issues do you usually have with your bras?”, “are you comfortable in this?” We made decisions about which products to release based on their feedback. For example, in our first launch, we narrowed down our selection down to 29 crowd favorites based on their feedback. 

We believe creating a superior product is 90% listening and 10% doing. You speak, we listen. 

Product Improvement Journey

During our product improvement journey, we alter existing product samples to avoid unnecessary waste and work closely with real women every step of the way. 

Here’s what the Emilia Wireless Contour Bra went through to become an Understance bra: 

We wanted a wireless but supportive bra for C/D/DD cups that distributed the weight as evenly as possible on the body. 

  1. Most of the women we asked said the mesh overlay was unattractive. So, we needed to find a way to remove the mesh overlay, while making sure that the bra would still provide a stable fit (no slip ups when you raise your arms or jump a little).   
  2. Here’s the second version without the mesh overlay and a slightly higher center gore: The second version was a hit! It provided a secure, weightless fit. Next, we needed to make it a little more attractive, so we put a layer of very thin fabric on top to smooth it out. 
  3. At this step, we ran into trouble. While the previous version provided good lift and side support, the third version was pushing the breasts in and down rather than up. Something bad happened. 
  4. It turns out, the fabric covering the bra had a two-way stretch, and the wrong direction of stretch was used. This caused the bra to push the breasts in and down instead of up. We fixed it and the result was a comfortable, flattering, t-shirt bra designed for larger busts. 

AtCozzytrend, we fit every style and every size on real humans before giving it the greenlight. 

Curated by Size Approach

“Why do you have limited sizing?” is a common question we have been asked since we launched. The reason for this is simple: we design products to fit specific sizes and shapes. 

We make bras that we know will work for different cup sizes and we know from the women we have met that what works for an A cup will not be supportive enough for E cup; and a bra supportive enough for E cup would be too much for an A cup.  

As a size focused brand, we believe that every size deserves a customized fit which is why most of our bras are only sold in 3 sizes.  

For example, the triangle shaped bralette works great for smaller busts but does not work for a D cup. Having more breast tissue leads to spillage and inadequate support so for D cups, we have designed a bralette that fits larger busts perfectly. 

While it would be easier and more profitable for us to sell product in every size like so many brands do, we chose not to. We discovered that the perfect bra for everybody doesn’t exist, so we created a selection of perfect bras for every body. 

Our products are designed to move, breathe, and grow with you. When designing every product, we carefully consider the occasion, mood, and functionality. Our bras are constructed ergonomically with movement and function at their core. Our everyday bras feature a wide band that is designed to feel like a hug. Wide bands help distribute the weight evenly rather than just on your shoulders or back. We make our straps with a graduated approach. Larger busts need thicker straps for support, so we ensure that the strap width increases with the cup size. 

Rigorous Testing/Quality Assurance

Cozzytrend bras are designed sustainably, to last. 

We carefully consider the fiber content, weight, and hand-feel of each component we use. Our bras and underwear are made from high-quality materials that ensure their durability. We start our product manufacturing process by testing each component that makes up your bra. We put our product through four rounds of tests, every time. At each stage, we test for colorfastness, dimensional stability, stretch recovery and pilling. This ensures that no defective product ever ends up in your closet. 

You wear your bra and underwear every day, and we want them to be as comfortable, high-quality, and long-lasting so you can wear them with confidence.